Festival Internacional de Street Art de Cheste


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The festival Graffitea Cheste is part of the project of the Department of Culture of Cheste called “Cultural Agenda” that was born in 2016. 

The philosophy of the festival goes beyond making a series of mural interventions, the goal is to make a full day of culture and urban art. Counting on the classic mural intervention but adding in the days of the festival, lectures on art, stencil workshops and graffiti and as a final touch, explanation by an expert and the authors of the pieces made, in this way the public can establish a one-on-one dialogue with the artists.

During the days of each edition the selected walls for the festival are intervened. In the first edition they were walls ceded by the city council, but year after year they increase the cession of private walls of the neighbors of Cheste.
The festival has been organized between the Department of Culture of the City Council of Cheste and the collective “Wall Arttitude”.
“Wall arttitude” is a society of, at the beginning eight, but currently six, active urban artists born of the joint experience that the members had the nit de l’art of Palma de Mallorca of 2015 by the hand of Urban Art Club, the City Council of Palma and the Cac Ses voltes.
The group is made up of the following artists from the Valencian community: Toni Espinar, Flug, David de Limon, Tmx, Xolaka and La Nena Wapa Wapa. Previously they also had Demia Concept and Xemayo.
His activities go beyond painting on the street, since among its objectives is the cultural management related to urban art and promotion of the cultural movement of “Street art” through mural interventions, festival management, round tables, conferences , urban itineraries, exhibitions and workshops.
Currently they have their headquarters in the neighborhood of Carmen in Valencia, the space “STREET ART SHOW” in C / Portal de la Valldigna 1, bajo.


Intervenciones murales originales, de temática libre y adecuados a los espacios cedidos por los vecinos de Cheste, a cargo de los artistas seleccionados


Charlas para la divulgación del graffiti y del arte urbano a cargo de especialistas seleccionados por el colectivo Wall Arttitude


Actividad realizada en distintos centros educativos de Cheste, donde los alumnos de primaria realizan un mural dentro del centro. A cargo de los miembros de Wall Arttitude


Festival Internacional de Street Art de Cheste
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